OUR ACTIONS - Association Natel


Our goal is to update European and global regulations governing the use of tartaric acid.
The appearance of the synthetic form and origin of this molecule (from petroleum derivatives and using biotechnologies such as enzymatic separation) on the market has not been taken into account in the regulatory texts.
Our action is to get in touch with the various European and global bodies involved. The aim is to study the necessary modifications of the texts in order to be consistent with the existence of the two different origins of the product on the market.

The user and the consumer must be informed and protected by the regulations.

Research and development

Several confirmed scientists are present at NATEL. The association works together with several European laboratories to develop a method of analysis distinguishing between the two origins of tartaric acid and its salts.
Official recognition is underway, so that the various governmental and industrial bodies can control tartaric products in line with regulatory changes.